The Geely Innovation Centre in Europe began in 2017 with the signing of a letter of intent between Geely Auto Group and the City of Gothenburg to develop a 70,000 sq. metre Innovation Centre in the heart of the city. Since then, the total planned building area has grown to over 100,000 sq. metres that will become an open campus with multi-function buildings located in central Gothenburg, Sweden. The centre will be an inviting and modern working environment that promotes dialogue and collaboration.


The Innovation Centre builds on a vision of openness and collaboration to foster innovation. Here, sharing will be as natural as breathing. As an open platform, the Centre will gather people and companies with diverse backgrounds and enable cross-cultural exchange, mutual learning, and the growth of innovative technologies.

The Geely Innovation Centre will become a platform for new opportunities and collaborations. It is open to a wide range of partnerships: from office and event venue rental to restaurants and retail stores open to the public. For more information go to: